Fixing website issues when upgrading to WordPress 5.5

When upgrading to recent versions of WordPress you may run in to several issues with your website or it might break completely. For example: Sliders, load more links, popups, bootstrap and other interactive Javascript based features can all stop working.

Don’t freak out – this is because in WordPress 5.5, the jQuery Migrate plugin has been removed and in WordPress 5.6 the jQuery plugin has been updated to the latest version.

Luckily the fixing these problems is simple, there is a plugin you can install to easily manage the jQuery version and enable the jQuery migrate plugin on your website again.

jQuery Manager Plugin

You simply need to play around with the jQuery manager plugin and you should be able to fix all of the issues you are facing. The exact version and settings you require with this plugin will vary depending on the cause of your issues, but you can experiment with the jQuery version and other settings until things start working again on your website.

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